About Us

www.thesevencolours.com is an ecommerce venture which intend to organize the highly inorganized sector of Art, collectables and home decor. We at the seven colours offers high quality premium and affordable arts, canvas paintings, handmade paintings, handcrafted 3d designs, handmade lamps, artificial grass lawn carpets, artificial vertical gardens, flower leaves, silicon led neon decorative and several other home decor categories.

Our professional and highly creative team at www.thesevencolours.com designs, research, explore and manufacture high quality and affordable art pieces across various categories to make your home and life more beautiful and blissful than ever before. We help you bring positive vibes, serenity and blissfulness at your door step. All of our products are fully researched, explored, manufactured and made in India.

We thrive on your trust, we grow on your supports, your love and support make the seven colours India’s most loveable and premium art and collectables brand in India. We make online orders very easy as it can be done only in few clicks and rest our logistic team at www.thesevencolours.com will ensure to deliver the same at your doorstep that too with no extra delivery charges.

Canvas paintings – Canvas paintings are beautiful digital paintings made on 370 gsm canvas and printed with Hp latex- 570 digital print. Different painting classes and categories like minimalistic, artistic, Mahbubani, miniature, abstract, wildlife and religious etc. are available in very affordable cost.

Handmade paintings – Handmade paintings are paintings crafted with hand using acrylic and Oil paints on 370 gsm of canvas. Our professional, renowned and highly competent team of artists design and create beautiful paintings for you.

Led Neons – Led neon light decorative is made using silicon led neon lights of different colours which is crafted and incubated on clear transparent acrylic sheet.  wire connection for adapter support is done at the rear side.

3d laser arts – 3d laser arts are premium, luxury yet affordable art pieces mostly made for wall hangings. It is made using CNC and laser operation on Acrylic or MDF sheets to craft and give it the actual shape and look of designed artwork.

Led arts and lamps – Led laser arts and led handcrafted lamps are made beautifully using wooden, led light strips, CNC and laser. These art pieces can be used as table lamps, wall fixed lamps etc. at various locations.

Artificial grass carpets – Highly researched, reusable, recyclable and environment friendly artificial grass carpets and matts are made to decorate walls, lawns, terrace, gardens, balcony’s etc. This will have never the less feel and effect than the natural one.

vertical gardens and flower leaves – Beautifully designed and manufactured multi coloured artificial flowers leaves and grass vertical garden is one of our best-selling products. This products of ours will help you create a beautiful vertical wall garden of your own. It has got very easy installation and maintenance process with no stress of cleaning and gardening.

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